We are seriously extending NetSuite, and making the experience with the #1 ERP cloud software even more awesome.

Behind a successful NetSuite ERP implementation, there's an experienced technical team.

We are a team of expert NetSuite ERP consultants, architects and developers, whose goal is providing high-quality customisations for complex NetSuite projects around the world.

We work with NetSuite Partners, NetSuite Customers and 3rd party Companies that want to integrate their products with NetSuite.

What We Do

We have solid and long term partnerships with different NetSuite Partners. We offer completely impartial services and quality, and thanks to this approach we can help out Partners that have too big and complex technical activities to be handled internally, or who simply want to focus their business on the standard NetSuite implementation, while outsourcing custom developments and SuiteApps.


We are always eager to resolve our customers’ problems, and our target is to achieve the best quality.

We provide a range of premium services to help you reach your business goals with NetSuite

  • Complex processes design
  • Complex customizations and integrations
  • SuiteApps development and management

For additional information about any of our services please give us a call or leave a message through the contact form, we are happy to dig into more details.


We have developed several modules that can be used by NetSuite Customers and Partners off-the-shelf or with possibilities for additional customization.

Some of our products are

  • a NetSuite Cloud Printing extension (netsuitecloudprint.com)
  • a NetSuite shipping integration with different carriers (with possibility of extensions through the Plugin technology)
  • a utilities framework that is the result of many misc recurring requests and needs collected over the years, whose audience is composed by NetSuite users, administrators and developers.

We Work For

The Approach

Our working methodologies are a joint result of several professionals’ experience and research for continuous improvement.

We have been working through the years on making our code base more flexible and performing.

Aside the best development tools common to any development team (like JIRA or GIT), we have built additional automation tools for completing the software development lifecycle within the NetSuite world.

We have invested a lot into designing and building safe processes for deploying and maintaining NetSuite customizations, integrations and SuiteApps.

The team

Our team is fully composed by experienced NetSuite professionals.
As per 2019, we have an average of 9 years in focusing on NetSuite implementations, customizations and administration.

Alessio Vezza

alessio ketka
Founder and CTO of the company, who has been covering technical leading roles with different NetSuite Partners since 2010, driving the design and development in many NetSuite projects, integrations and SuiteApps, while continuously improving best practices for NetSuite software development, release and maintenance

Some successful projects

We have been involved over the years in many projects for companies of any size.

Some of the NetSuite customers we have been working with are:

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