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Yes, humanity is responding, and the response is evolution.

mutual support

In the past few weeks I was starting to worry, having a more and more negative vision of what was going to happen in the world.

Leaders seemed to be lost, doing things their own way without apparent coordination, blaming each other's countries, suppressing information and statistics, closing the borders, taking inexplicable and suicidal decisions.
People panicked, reacting like hedgehogs rolling up as a last form of defense even where there's no hope, doing senseless actions like buying infinite stocks of items per family and leaving many others without nothing.
Other people seemed indifferent, still living and gathering together without awareness, translating into "safety" the fact that no tangible threat was in front of their eyes.

In the meantime the virus was invisibly spreading everywhere, not only in the streets and between careless and non-informed people, also in those same locations where useless decisions were taken and energy-wasting and peoples-splitting debates were conducted. The virus didn't care about customs, about restricted areas, it wasn't fussy in regards of social class, power, race. It traveled everywhere using every mean, while being unseen and undisturbed.

It was spreading quickly and easily, because we didn't want to give up our comfort zones, we didn't want to accept that something was knocking us off our routines and addictions like mussels from their rock.
We were fooling ourselves, giving all our energy in our small surrounding, to just reconquer our known and safe life, stick back to our place on the rock, with useless and pitiful actions.
And we were obtaining the exact opposite, making the virus spread faster, and making more and more improbable and far the chance to get back to what was before.

Some days ago, deeply touching actions of support and heartbreaking messages of humanity were sent from countries that have little money, and probably because of their lack of attachment to richness they understood earlier the importance of acting as a whole to face certain plagues.
The doctors that were sent from Albania and from Cuba to Italy, probably come from families that don't own much apart from their mutual love. They left this love home, and went far, into the fire, to bring help where their life would be in danger, not having a clue about their future if not the very short-term one: the war.

Still the First World, that small percentage of "chosen ones", who had the money, the power, the technology, the knowledge, was not doing much apart from being grateful, while trying to get back to its comfort zone, isolating ill people and waiting that they either die or get back to sustain a collapsing system.

I knew that a lot of people out there were seeing the same and trying to figure if there's anything useful to do, shaking their network, looking for help in order to react to all this.
But also feeling powerless, or even falling into apathetic states, visioning very tragic scenarios the pandemic could lead to.

Then suddenly I had an amazing encounter, I "bumped" into David Michael Grund, an exquisite person who brought me some beautiful news. Just a small side note, I checked if in English this expression (exquisite person) exists, because I translated it directly from my native language (Italian), "persona squisita", which word by word means "a very nice person". Apparently it's a rare but correct form, plus I just found out that the etymology of exquisite is "exquisitus", a Latin word meaning "sought out", "hunted". Indeed my soul was looking for some comfort, and got it from him.

David talked to me about the project in which he and some other far-seeing people have decided to invest their time: https://timeo.io/
This initiative is actually a practical way to start facing our problems in a much longer-term way. It's not based on how much money we can earn, or how quickly we can get back to routines and lifestyles we crave for, but it's giving a perspective where there wasn't.

Entering this initiative is not only accepting changes, but actually making those changes become a stable future for everyone.
Many today are stuck at home, just waiting since weeks something that no one knows what it is and when it happens, risking to run out of food or mental stability. They can find a safety island in this community.

Even if it looks like we are giving up what we had built with many efforts, it's not like this. Happiness, richness, private and professional satisfaction, will come again, likely through different ways and in different forms than we can imagine now, but that we will build as we already did in the past.

We have to close our eyes for a moment, keep each other by the hands, and guide each other towards our future, forgetting about our old personal attachments, and comprehending that we are a species that can evolve together and re-establish a still prosperous - plus more balanced and safe - existence on this planet.

I copy and paste from David's LinkedIn profile (from his role as Advisor for the Timeo.io project):

Timeo.io (formerly Distrik5) is a community of people who freely exchange their goods, talents, and passions using a community-driven currency based on Time. Timeo.io itself is an ecosystem consisted of a social network that helps you discover and connect with relevant people and a marketplace where you can trade your services powered by a digital wallet!

Bracing The Storm

We cannot overstate the profound effects that coronavirus is having on families, communities, economies and our livelihood. As the pandemic continues to intensify, with no certainty of when it will abate, we're creating community that's willing to help each other with no borders to ease up our lives!

Trade Time!

We believe that creating a community currency would be the way to make helping each other sustainable in the long run. After all, the impact of coronavirus isn't short. At Distrik5, you can store and trade your efforts to help others through our currency in the form of time. For example, if you help another person buy groceries for 2 hours, you can get paid 2 hours as a currency.

Why Use Time to Honor Goodwill?

Sustainability - Rewarding other when they do good things help them stay motivated, feel valued and also incentivize them to do more!

Recession Proof -In these hard times, it's important to save your cash. Time based currency can help you access goods and services with no money cost.

Inclusivity - Everyone have access to time and this means that there are no boundaries to who can participate in this project. You just need goodwill

These things started happening not long ago. Before my concern was growing, now I understand there was a curve and a wave also for a response as a species, it was just a matter of waiting for it.
Thank you all those out there who are looking into the future, proposing to the humanity solutions based on evolving, adapting and becoming aware of our own power.

Even if for a moment we were like mussels detached from our rock, and thought that not being able to get back there would mean loosing everything, there's now someone helping us to learn that we can still stick to each other, and restart forming together a new system rather than just being floating alone, having death as a unique faith, one way or another.

Let's put aside our egoistic and localized plans, let's recognize ourselves as a species, and give each other a hand over the borders, the religions, the cultures, the classes.
As a payback we are going the be successful in the new humanity that is already being created, safer and more sustainable than before.
It will happen anyway, despite any effort we could put into sabotaging it. Who comprehends this now, will see and be part of it.
alessio |
April 3, 2020

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